Nimbus is one of the most experience and most versatile DJs in Shenzhen. He has numerous years experience working as a radio DJ, he built his own nighclub in New Zealand and knows more about speakers and sound equipment than anybody else in Shenzhen. He is also the main sound technician for ONE LOVE festival.

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Tribes (aka Tribal John) is a founder of the now iconic Hoofer Doofer Electronic Music Festival, the secret festival in the UK that first showcased so many then unknown, but now globetrotting djs and producers as well as co-running Rehab, the legendary Liverpool techno night with techno star, John Heckle aka Head Front Panel. Shifting his talents to Asia, Tribes

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Maryna Space

Maryna Space is a professional model and DJ with regular gigs in most of the bigger clubs in Shenzhen. Unlike most DJs playing in these discos Maryna manages to get away playing underground music such as Tech House and Deep Houses in these clubs, doing her part to promote quality music and skilful mixes in Shenzhen. Thanks for that.

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