WJ Rose

WJ Rose has been involved in the electronic music scene in Shenzhen since 2002 when he founded soundfilter production studio, back then the city’s biggest organiser of underground music events. During the day, WJ Rose is working as a Radio and TV engineer. On top of playing Deep House and Drum ‘n Bass at events around Shenzhen, he is a

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Born in Los Angeles and raised in New York and Colombia, DJ/Producer Tayta always strives to deliver the most exquisite sounds. With his own record label – Bulenta – Tayta aims to share the joy of high quality music around the world. He definitely knows how to get the party going: so, when you hear the name ‘Tayta”, just close

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Growing up in London, D-Soul has been raised on some of the most diverse and brilliant underground music. He loves any tune that can give him that “feeling”. Some of his favorite artists and inspirations include “DJ Zinc, Andy C and Noisia.” He believes in natural highs and thinks there is no greater buzz than good music combined with the

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