DJ Ekki

Born and raised in Hong Kong and of mixed ethnicity, Ekki was drawn into the city’s vibrant nightlife at a young age. During these formative years, she developed a passion for electronic music and was inspired by scene legends to try her own hand on the turntables.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Ekki turned her sights upon he Mainland, having played in over 100 cities around China, and is now renowned as one of the top female DJs in the country with her Eurasian looks, signature sound backed by solid mixing talent and a record bag full of surprises.

Passionate about all sorts of music, Ekki doesn’t just stick to one genre, but instead can be heard dropping tracks from across the spectrum. Her genres range from deep house to techno but her true love lies in drum’n’bass.

In Beijing, she teamed up with her good friend and graphic designer Luke Ume to start their own event label ‘BAD EGG’ which focused on bringing quality bass music events to the Capital.

After a two-year hiatus, she currently resides in Shenzhen and is back once again with a vengeance, this time bringing drum’n’bass to the southern city forming the latest addition to China’s drum’n’bass crews.. THE COLLECTIV.