How to get to the festival?

The festival is in a former factory plant which is now called ID town (艺象国际艺术区), the address is 大鹏新区葵鹏路106号.

The easiest way is to catch one of our busses to the festival. Busses leave from Cocopark (Shopping Park Metro Exit D) on Friday 7pm, 10:30pm, Saturday 10:30am, 2pm, 7pm, 10:30pm and Sunday 10:30am.  There are also busses from Window of the World on Friday 10pm, Saturday 10am, 10pm and Sunday 10am. If you want to come by bus you have to book your seat in advance, no seats for last minute walkins:

You can also come by taxi, it should be about 150 RMB from Luohu and 200 RMB from Nanshan with a normal taxi but ID town is in an undeveloped area and the driver driver might not know the place, in this it would help if you use the maps from here:

To get back we have busses on Saturday 8pm, Sunday noon, 3pm, 6pm and 8:30pm. You can also book taxis from one of the taxi apps if you want to leave in between these bus times.

What about accomodation? Where to stay overnight?

There are several options to stay overnight:

Book a hotel room through our website:
The hotel rooms are 10-15 minutes walking distance from the venue in Guanhu village right next to the beach. These are 2-3 star hotels but quite cosy and there are restaurants and shops around.

Stay in a tent right inside the venue, additional information is right below this FAQ.

There is a youth hostel inside the festival venue but this is reserved for DJs and helpers.


How to camp at the festival?

To get the ultimate festival experience you can camp at the festival. Camping is free if you bring your own tent and for those without a tent we offer the possibility to rent tents at a reasonable price. We have a camping area in one of the warehouses but since it has a concrete floor we recommend to bring a yoga mat or inflatable mattress. Bathrooms are right next to this camping area but no showers. Make friends with somebody that has a hotel room and shower there if you get too smelly. If you don’t like to stay with the others in the camping area you can just put up your tent anywhere around the venue, there are some grass patches and quiet areas waiting to be discovered. If you camp on one of the rooftops please note that the festival organizer does not take responsibility for your actions. The place is undeveloped and can be dangerous if you get too wasted. Please note that it can be cold at night so a sleeping bag or jacket might be needed.

I am from Hong Kong, where can i buy tickets?

There are no offline tickets in Hongkong, only online tickets.  You can get them here:

They accept credit card and union pay.

What should i bring to the festival?

Here is a list of what to bring to the festival:

  • money (always good to have money, especially as the ATM is 15 minutes walk from the festival)
  • warm clothes (it will get cold at night and a pullover and long pants would be good to have, especially if you want to camp)
  • sunglasses (stay cool and be prepared for sunrise)
  • sun protection (since the venue is right next to the ocean it is usually much sunnier than in downtown Shenzhen. The Day Stage does not have much shadow so make sure to use protection)
  • costume and party accessories (festivals are a great place to show off cool outfits and funny accessories. Check online and order some on Taobao if you dont have them already).
What about drugs at the festival?

Drugs, gambling and prostitution is illegal in China and not allowed at the festival. There are cameras in the more developed parts of ID town and there will also be basic undercover police guys from the nearby village who can get you into serious trouble if they see you consuming or even worse, dealing. Please don’t smoke joints in the middle of the crowd, even if you don’t get caught there might be people reporting this and we might loose the venue for future festivals.  Thanks for your understanding.

Can I bring my own drinks and food to the festival ?

You can bring as much food and water to the festival but we only allow 1 bottle of softdrinks or alcohol per person.

I love the idea of this festival and want to participate. Is this possible?

Sure. We have volunteered at other festivals before and know how much fun this can be. Please contact for volunteer possibilities. We will find a suitable task for you that leaves you enough time to still enjoy the festival.