We hope that over time and after three previous acclaimed EP, you are now quite acquainted with
the young techno artist known by the name of “Renart”. Being called here and there a “genius” he
doesn’t need to run all over the clubs in Europe to show that yes, he is actually part of the young
generation of talents that many foreign scenes envy.

Renart got renown mainly because of the quality of his production, one of the few producers not
making “Detroit” or “Berlin” techno but his own kind of techno merging a powerful techno along
with some romanticism intricate in it. We still remember how fast his last two EP at Dawn
Records and Cracki Records got sold out (less than a week).

In 2015 Renart have release a sublime EP on the new Hong Kong’s Techno+House label “Fragrant
Harbour” (supported by the like of DJ Deep, Laurent Garnier, The Backwoods, S3A…etc) and is
going to release an another one in Q3 2015 again with Dawn Records in Paris.