Although based in Paris, France Technasia was actually founded in 1996 in Hongkong when Charls Siegling then a movie student was visiting Hongkong with the mission to bring electronic music to Asia. For the Asian music scene he has been an important personality playing as one of the first big DJs in clubs throughout Asia and inspiring local DJs with his sets.

Over the years Technasia had quite a few club hits such as ‘Force’ and ‘Acid Storm’ ‘I am Somebody’ and ‘Heart of Flesh’. In the summer of 2015 Technasia released the track ‘Suga’ together with Green Velvet which has been on the first position of the Beatport charts for months, making it one of the biggest electronic hits this year.

Technasia combines emotional melodies along with energetic beats, creating sophisticated and intelligent Techno. When behind the DJ decks Technasia always performs with four decks, showcasing the old-fashioned arts of cutting and scratching.

Technasia is playing at more than 10 festivals this year and has played in most of the leading clubs worldwide. For almost 20 years he has been touring through the cities having at least 2 high-profile performances per week.