Funky Pilot

Juan aka. Funky Pilot, is a Mexican DJ with influence in House, Techno and Psytrance. At a very young age he moved to La Paz, Mexico where the Pacific Ocean meets the Cortez Sea. His passion in life are airplanes and music. He started playing @ “Baja” where his main influence was Psytrance. He came to Shenzhen in the year

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Although based in Paris, France Technasia was actually founded in 1996 in Hongkong when Charls Siegling then a movie student was visiting Hongkong with the mission to bring electronic music to Asia. For the Asian music scene he has been an important personality playing as one of the first big DJs in clubs throughout Asia and inspiring local DJs with his

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Shin Nishimura

Shin Nishimura is, without doubt, one of the current top Japanese DJs. He kick-started has started his career in Shanghai, back in the days when there was absolutely no dance music scene to speak of. Shin ran his own parties called PLUS, through these introducing various essential artists, and succeeded in building up the club scene there. His first worldwide

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