Funky Pilot

Juan aka. Funky Pilot, is a Mexican DJ with influence in House, Techno and Psytrance. At a very young age he moved to La Paz, Mexico where the Pacific Ocean meets the Cortez Sea. His passion in life are airplanes and music. He started playing @ “Baja” where his main influence was Psytrance. He came to Shenzhen in the year

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We hope that over time and after three previous acclaimed EP, you are now quite acquainted with the young techno artist known by the name of “Renart”. Being called here and there a “genius” he doesn’t need to run all over the clubs in Europe to show that yes, he is actually part of the young generation of talents that

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Boom Shankar

Boom Shankar is a key figure in the worldwide Psytrance scene. As a DJ he is flying around the globe and played at most major Psytrance events, as label owner of BMSS Records he manages other Psychedelic DJs and as an organiser he is involved in Transition festival in Spain and S.U.N. festival in Hungary. his sets are a constant

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