Shin Nishimura

Shin Nishimura is, without doubt, one of the current top Japanese DJs. He kick-started has started his career in Shanghai, back in the days when there was absolutely no dance music scene to speak of. Shin ran his own parties called PLUS, through these introducing various essential artists, and succeeded in building up the club scene there. His first worldwide

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Mickey Zhang

Mickey Zhang is referred to as the leading figure in the growing Chinese Techno scene. As a producer, DJ, event organizer and ambassador for the Chinese underground music scene, he as pushed forward the development of Electronic music in China and remains one of the most in-demand Chinese DJs in Asia. As part of the first generation of Chinese electronic

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Gloria Ansell

Gloria Ansell is probably Shenzhen’s most famous DJ and the city’s only DJ that frequently plays at festivals and major clubs around the world. Recently she even got voted into the worldwide female top 100 DJ list. Although Gloria is playing at commercial clubs and events we have known her for many years and know that her DJ roots and passion

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