Dante is a young man with great ambitions, influenced by his brothers and surrounded by musicians in Colombia, where he spent half of his childhood. He grew up with South American sounds and quickly found a passion for percussions and acoustics at a young age.

As a young child, at school or on the streets and in parks he could always be found jamming with whatever he had in his hands, “spoons and plates, I’ll make my own way to find my game.” Mixing all those melodies with a bit of synthetic sounds, and listening to different kinds of genres and styles, he was drawn to House music.

He arrived in China in 2011, inspired by his new experiences and full of energy, wanting to express it all with great passion and to bring different experiences to those who were ready for a new journey with him.

Loving the sweet sound of dusty house and dirty bass, Dante started his journey as a DJ and quickly discovered his passion for all kinds of music, including UK Garage, Soul, Trip Hop and Drum & Bass.

He started to play in small bars and parties while, and later moved on to perform at some beach parties and festivals, where he began to play Deep House and Techno, releasing his great energy on the decks and becoming known as a DJ who can keep the dance floor bumping with his great attitude and tremendous vibe.