Tribes (aka Tribal John) is a founder of the now iconic Hoofer Doofer Electronic Music Festival, the secret festival in the UK that first showcased so many then unknown, but now globetrotting djs and producers as well as co-running Rehab, the legendary Liverpool techno night with techno star, John Heckle aka Head Front Panel.

Shifting his talents to Asia, Tribes now co-heads the Hoodoo True Techno outfit in Guangzhou as well as running his next big prohject,  Itchy Pig Music Publishing which sources electronic music for independent television, film and gaming.

Eclectic in style but with a passion for hard groove techno, Tribes has been a purveyor of minimal techno from Maurizio to Mathew Dear as well as hard techno, inspired by the sounds of artists such as James Ruskin, Rob Hood and Dave Clarke.